Webshop E-Commerce Returns Processing & Address in Austria

International German Webshop? We offer a Austrian return address and direct Returns Processing in Austria!

You wish to expand your business in the German language or you are already selling products in Austria?
The best and fastest way of handling returns (return shipments), is to have them handled by a local party in the relevant country.

Schrama Handels GmbH is a company focused on International E-Commerce and Logistic Solutions. We manage multiple multilingual websites and sell thousands of different products internationally. Our headquarters and warehouse is located in Tyrol, Austria, to be precise; in Mayrhofen in Zillertal.
In addition to processing return shipments in Austria, we also offer a virtual office address and postal address for receiving mail in Austria. Your Austrian customers can send their return shipments to an address in Austria.

Thanks to our many years of experience – 25+ years Trade & Logistics and 15+ years International E-Commerce – we are a reliable and flexible international partner located in the centre of the Alps.


Delivery Truck with letters and packages drives threw the mountains of Austria

Return Shipments in Austria are on the way


Webshop Return Address & Returns Processing in Austria

We offer tailor-made logistics solutions for webshops from Europe and elsewhere that are looking for a return address in Austria and want to improve and expand their business and/or customer service here.
Probably we do not have to explain why an address in the country where you are selling in is advisable, otherwise you would not have found this page ; ) nonetheless, briefly the spearheads:

  • Faster handling of returns
  • An address in the country where you are selling creates more buyers confidence
  • Returning of your returns as a batch shipment to an address of your choosing
  • Beter UX for the customer
  • Cost reduction
  • Communication in English, German or Dutch

A postal address and/or return processing address in Austria can also be of interest for your international customers from parts of Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Italy. It is considerably cheaper and much faster to send return shipments from those countries to Austria instead of sending them to the UK, Benelux or Scandinavia.

▶ Please contact us to discuss the possibilities
▶ We are happy to schedule a telephone appointment with you to be able to discuss all this in peace



Returns Handling for your German Language Webshop

With a return address for German-speaking customers in Austria, you provide your Austrian customers with the option of returning products to an address in Austria – to the party you work with – which is located in the country where you are selling in.

We are specialized in handling return shipments (international webshop returns) and we can ensure that the process including the administration runs as efficiently as possible. We unpack, check the return shipment, scan the return label, destroy or discard products that do not need te be sent back to you and send the collected return shipments back to you as a batch (eg. pallet shipment) in an environmentally and cost efficient manner.

To send you your returns back as a batch-shipment makes the process more cost efficient and environment friendly. In addition, you can repay your customers earlier or send the new package earlier, because we, as a local party on site, receive the returns earlier and can assess them earlier than if the customer in Austria first have to send them back to the UK or Scandinavia..


Symbol description E-Commerce Returns Processing in Austria

Returns will be received in Austria (AT), we check the package, scan the return-label, destroy the contents or collect received packages and send them back to you



Starting a German-language Webshop or offer your existing Webshop in German to be able to Sell your Products in Austria?

Are you looking for a partner in Austria who can assist you with logistical solutions? A return address in the country where you are selling (online) is logistically very smart, in addition to the extra trust this creates for your customers, the returned packages also arrive earlier than if they have to be sent back to the UK or Scandinavia.

We check the contents of the packages, scan the return label, destroy the contents and/or collect the returns and send them back to you as a batch shipment

We are very flexible and therefore we are able to make personal individual agreements. We are always open for new ideas, feedback and input to be able to structure the logistic processes (even) better.


International Webshop Returns Address Austria

An Austrian returns address is certainly advantageous for the Austrian eCommerce market. Austria is a fast-growing eCommerce market, at the moment about 80% of the Austrians are using the internet (for comparison: Germany 84%, Great Britain 89%, Netherlands 94%) (2018).
There is still much to gain. By far, not all Austrians are buying online – here is still an absolute growth potential!

Are you considering offering your existing business in Austria? Offer your customers a return address in Austria!

Please send us your inquiry, questions, thoughts or ideas how we can be at service for you – we are happy to think along..
Schrama Handels GmbH likes to make clear agreements at a very competitive price – our network consists of long-term international relationships – clear communication, flexibility and a correct cooperation are our main priorities – so that we and you, with your international webshop return address in Austria can continue to build on your and our business in Austria!

  • Handle your international eCommerce returns locally in Austria
  • Your address in Austria creates more confidence and trust for the Austrian customer
  • Fast, efficient and reliable
  • Many years of experience within the eCommerce segment and everything that goes with it
  • Communicate in Englisch, German or Dutch

Already decided?
 You are definitively looking for a reliable partner in handling returns in Austria ▶ Please contact us
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The Schrama Handels GmbH team is happy to think along!

Packages and fill-up materials are unpacked so we can check the contents of the return shipment

We receive your eCommerce returns, scan the return-labels and check the contents

General Information Returns Service Austria + Postal Address Austria (Virtual Office Address)

  • You can view the orders that have returned at a glance and in real-time
  • You can see at a glance and in real-time which orders have been sent (including Track & Trace numbers)
  • All additional options can be made visible for you by using Google Sheet
  • Our return shipment costs are very competitively priced to addresses throughout Europe and Switzerland
  • Especially our return shipment costs for packages up to 40kg to Europe and Switzerland are very attractive

Complete checking of E-commerce returns:
A complete inspection of E-commerce returns is questionable, as we only check whether the product is in the package. A complete check means that we release the product for a re-sale (either as B-choice or A-choice). This is almost impossible to do and highly depending on the type of products and agreements made in this regard. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and what we can do for you if you want a complete check of your E-commerce returns in Austria.

Our Services are especially available for SMEs, for Startups and Smaller Companies:
We are mainly focused on the SME segment (Small and Medium Business). Of course we also offer international eCommerce solutions and/or postal address in Austria for smaller companies and startups. For more information, please contact us.




Information about Pricing, our eCommerce Returns Services and Extra Available Options.



(*You can NOT use our Austrian postal addresses for registration at the local Chamber of Commerce)

  • Virtual office address in Austria where we receive your mail (Postal Address in Austria)
  • Standard service: Mail will be forwarded to you
  • Optional service: Opening the received mail, scanning and forwarding it to your Email address



  • We receive the returned package(s) or pallet(s) in Austria
  • Scanning the return label(s)
  • Everything is being kept neatly and correctly by using Google Sheet
  • Sending the collected eCommerce returns back to you as a batch-shipment (1x week, 2 weeks, 1x per month..)
  • Communication in English, German or Dutch



  • Photographing the content(s) of the package(s) received
  • Destruction or discarding of products that do not have to be sent back to you
  • Unpack the package(s) and scan the product(s)
  • The package(s) sent back to us can also be sent directly to the next customer (parcel forwarding service)
  • In case of external damage, we can refuse the return shipment so that it will be delivered back to your customer (not the most customer-friendly method)



In order to be able to provide you with a tailor-made quotation, we must first know what your wants and needs are. Do you only need a Postel and/or E-commerce returns address in Austria? or a returns address and/or a postal address in Austria as well? Will there be an estimated 100 returns per week or 10? Will it mainly be letters, packages or both? What additional options do you need?
Please contact us so that we can discuss all the ins and outs and make you a concrete proposal.




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